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Roma bed and breakfast e Appartamenti a Roma
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Bed and Breakfast Country House

Girasolereale is in compliance with all local and national health and safety standards required by law (authorized by the Tourist Promotion Department of Rome).

Holiday Apartments Bed and Breakfast
Country House in Rome centre,
Rome Eur and Rome beach !!!

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Girasolereale Bed and Breakfast Country House Family is happy to share the italian culture with their Guest. You can choose to stay in Rome Centre or in Rome Eur or in Ostia the Rome's beach, in indipendent apartment at the same price of simple room and experience the italian artist living.
Apartments in Rome: Rome eur apartment bed & breakfast in home art gallery of italian artist, holiday vacation rentals in Ostia, Rome's beach, and holiday apartment penthouse in Rome centre in the artist area of Testaccio 2 stops from Colosseum.
You can live in Barbara Reale Home Art Gallery find her latest painting and relax as you wish.All the Girasolereale Rome Accommodations is dressing up walls, lobbies and guest rooms with original artworks from a mix of famous, midcareer and promising artists by ArteaArtAccademy Barbara Reale Foundation.
Environmental tourism to our vacation rental in Rome centre, the Bed and Breakfast Country House in Rome Eur and holiday apartments Ostia then, we are happy to guest You!!!!!
The perfect Honeymoon in the most romantic destination: Girasolereale Rome Italy!!


Barbara Reale Italian Artist has her Atelier Studio in Rome Eur bed and breakfast and she is often present with her paintings in various exhibitions in Rome plus her artworks are permanently exhibited at all Girasolereale accommodations. She teaches Spiritual Art Therapy in the b & b, in the houses of prayer, in the Missions abroad, working with children, cancer patients and those who need to find their spirituality through colors.